Cocky Fighter Starts To Dance, Immediately Gets KO’d By Kick


If you’re going to start trying to style on your opponent, you better have the defense and the reflexes. Don’t just do it for the sake of doing it. Taunting your opponent can be a very valid tactic, skillfully employed by top fighters such as Anderson Silva, Jon Jones, Conor McGregor, The Diaz Brothers, and many more.

It’s about getting in your opponent’s head a bit, showing them how chill and relaxed you are to be fighting them, and luring them in where they’ll be vulnerable for a counter.

It’s not about just starting to dance in the middle of a fight, and getting rocked in the face with a nicely placed kick. This guy didn’t get the memo:

You can tell that he sees the kick coming and starts to back off a bit, but by then it’s too late, he couldn’t have covered the distance well enough and so he was caught looking straight at this kick as it landed.

Keep going for some Bellator / Dana White / UFC musings re: Fedor fight…

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