Bully Kid Tries To Abuse Homeless Guy, INSTANTLY Regrets It…


If you’re even a half decent person, you have at least a bit of empathy for the homeless. Maybe they’ve got addiction problems, mental health problems, just have had a tough life… Maybe you see it as “their fault”, maybe you see them as a product of their environemnts… but at the end of the day, if you’re sleeping with a roof over your head, and they’re fending for themselves outside, the LEAST you can do is at least not try to make their lives any more difficult.

This kid starts to mess with a homeless guy, being abusing and just awful, and he keeps going… he keeps trying to escalate it, until the homeless guy finally flips and just destroys the kid.

For some reason, the kid didn’t even see this guy as a human, he looked at him like he was sub-human, like he was just a piece of trash that he could mess with and not have any consequences. Nope, not today kid.

Granted, the homeless guy almost boots the kid in the face at one point, which is probabally taking things a bit far, but it’s a good lesson either way. It could have gone a lot worse. The kids friends are just watching on and laughing. Weird situation across the board.

Here’s what people thought about it when it first came out, what do you think?


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