Bully Attacks Kid at School, Doesn’t Realize The Kid Knows MMA


Bullying kids was way easier back in the 1990s. Are you big? Are you strong? No problem, then! Just go ahead and steal lunch money or give a nerd a swirly as a way to deal with the crippling sadness of your home life! Sure, there was the occasional kid that knew karate or the one that was willing to kick everyone in the nuts (and rightly so), but for the most part, might was right on the recess yard.

Of course, if the kids were bullies AND knew karate, you were screwed.

Of course, if the kids were bullies AND knew karate, you were screwed until you went through a few 1980s training montages.

Not so these days! The rising popularity of MMA has changed everything we know about fighting and shown the effectiveness of certain techniques that were inconceivable just 20 years ago. That was on full display earlier this week when a video showing a fight between two children went viral, with the instigator coming out on the bad end of a schoolyard beatdown.

I mean naturally! Who doesn’t want to see children getting beaten? Here it is:

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