Broke Floyd Mayweather Wants To Fight Conor in MMA


Conor McGregor what Floyd Mayweather was saying to him during their big press conference kickoff today, and it had to do with gloves (The size of gloves, and Floyd says they can’t wear gloves that were made in Mexico, and that they can’t use gloves made from horse hair… this is pretty standard for Floyd, he likes to control every aspect of the show). Conor was pretty lax about it, he doesn’t seem to care, and he said he didn’t even know horsehair was used in gloves. But that’s not the most interesting things that was said…

Floyd allegedly told Conor, “MMA next.”

This is particularly interesting due to Floyd’s tax situation, where he filed for an extension to pay his income taxes owing after the checks clear from the McGregor fight. Conor made it a point to call out Floyd for wearing a tracksuit instead of a real suit, and pointed out that Floyd’s supercars parked outside were 2012 models. So, if Floyd’s hurting for cash, is it possible that he’s actually consider stepping inside the Octagon after the boxing match?

Floyd said during the presser that he doesn’t care if it’s inside of the ring or the octagon, at which point Conor interrupted to him to tell Floyd that actually he does care. Valid point, it’s hard to imagine Floyd Mayweather ever agreeing to step inside of the Octagon for an MMA bout. As badly as people expect Conor to get beat in his boxing match against Floyd, it would pale in comparison to how badly Conor would destroy Floyd in an MMA fight. There isn’t a single fighter on the UFC roster who wouldn’t absolutely dismantle Floyd Mayweather inside of the Octagon, which is pretty obvious and goes without saying.

So, if Floyd all talk or do you think he’ll actually step inside the Octagon for another huge bout? It would be an easy one to sell, regardless of who wins the boxing match. It wouldn’t hurt Floyd’s boxing record, and it would be one more massive pay day, but an almost guaranteed beatdown.

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