Weekend Drinking Tips: Don’t Pick Fights With Massive Bouncers When You’re Hammered


This shirtless wannabe tough guy picks a fight with a much bigger dude from across the street. He probabally just got kicked out of the bar, he’s got that look about him anyways. What’s there to really say about this? You know exactly where this is going, you know what’s going to happen next as soon as he swings on the guy, but still.. for some reason.. you just can’t resist clicking play.

It’s like slowing down to look at a car crash. Best case scenario you see nothing, worst case scenario you drive away with an image burned into your mind that’s so gruesome you’ll never be able to forget it. None the less, here we are, so… Here you go.

You see the smaller dude across the street, then he gets closer. The best part of the video is watching him square up then trying to throw some punches from basically feet away, like, he’s nowhere near landing, and unlucky for him – the bigger dude can close the distance much better, and he does, and… yeah. He probabally won’t remember this night anyways.

If anyone knows either of the guys in this video, let us know what’s the deal here. What really happened, why were they fighting, and what was the aftermath?

The big dude seems like a good guy. He takes the other guy out, he had to, and then instead of feeding him any extra shots for his troubles, he just gets on top and controls him to make sure he doesn’t do anything else stupid. All’s well that ends well..

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