Bellator Is Banned From Using This Clip To Promote The Chael Sonnen vs Wanderlei Silva Fight


Bellator recently announced that The American Gangster, Chael Sonnen and the Axe Murderer Wanderlei Silva would finally be fighting eachother. This fight was originally supposed to go down in the UFC after the two coached Ultimate Fighter against each other, but didn’t end up taking place. Years later, Bellator has managed to scoop up both fighters and so this match-up makes sense.

Chael has expressed interest in moving to a variety of different weight classes, “Gangster weight” and fighting a bunch of legends. He may even cross paths with Rory MacDonald at some point.

Bellator is going all out to make the biggest PPV event that they can manage, and are hoping this could be a real turning point and put them on a bigger stage as they continue their race to try to catch up with the UFC now that the UFC has shown weaknesses, and numerous reasons that some great fighters are choosing to make the switch from UFC to Bellator. Lorenz Larkin has a fight scheduled in Bellator, Ryan Bader just signed with them, Rory MacDonald and Benson Henderson of course, and plenty of others, the list keeps getting longer.

Notice on this poster, 3 out of 4 names fought in the UFC, and the 4th name is Fedor – the one guy they couldn’t get into the UFC no matter how hard they tried.

When you think Sonnen and Wandy, their season together coaching TUF Brazil immediately comes to mind. Bellator doesn’t own the rights to that footage, and there’s no way the UFC would let them use it, so Bellator isn’t allowed to use it to promote the fight, which is a shame for Bellator. They’re like the scrappy underdog who is finally growing up and starting to land some blows against Goliath,

Sonnen effortlessly ducks the shot and nails the takedown, think that’s exactly how it’ll go in the “rematch”? Notice the guy on Wanderlei’s team taking shots at the back of Chael’s head. Classy.

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