BADASS Joanna BEGS To Fight On ZERO DAY’s Notice VS. Much Larger Opponent


In case you didn’t know that Joanna Champion is a total gangster and a complete badass, when news came out just now that Amanda Nunes has to be pulled from her title defense tonight against Valentina Shevchenko, Joanna immedaitely started BEGGING the UFC and Dana White to let her fill in.

She’s the 115lb champion, but she wants to fight in the main event at 135, even thought she wouldn’t be fighting the champion. Valentina is also a very skilled striker, so it would be a very interesting fight, and Joanna is winning some fans whether or not it ends up happening.

Realistically, it’s VERY unlikely that the Nevada State Athletic Commission will allow this to happen, they’re really not big fans of same day replacements, which is a valid point, no matter how stoked we would be to see Joanna fight tonight, it would be an awesome surprise but also a dangerous move.

Jessica Eye’s opponent pulled out yesterday, so she is a much more viable option, and the UFC would likely end up creating an interim 135lb belt because that’s really been their MO lately.

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