Anderson Silva Says Chris Weidman’s ‘luck ran out’ After His Loss To Mousasi


In a recent interview about a number of topics, including what it’s like to promote an upcoming fight when he doesn’t even have an opponent, the topic of Anderson Silva’s interview turned to a former rival, Chris Weidman.

Anderson Silva said that Weidman has relied a lot on luck throughout his career, and that the luck has run out. 

“I quickly saw a clip the guys showed me on their phones,” said Anderson Silva in a recent interview. “The rule is very clear: He didn’t have his hand on the ground. So, he was kneed and the knee was legal. The rule is clear. If he has his hands on the ground, four points of contact, you can’t hit him. Mousasi lifted him off the ground when he was hitting. It was the ref’s mistake, obviously, and when he put his hands back there, he was defenseless.”

You have to wonder if Anderson is referring to Weidman’s wins over him as “lucky”. The first win, Weidman caught Anderson clowing and knocked him out. The second win, granted, Anderson’s leg snapped, but it still seemed like Weidman has his number. Plus the leg just didn’t randomly snap, it snapped becasue Weidman checked the kick perfectly after realizing those leg kicks were one of Anderson’s best weapons in their first fight. It’s hard to call it luck when you look at it that way.

“But these are things that happen. Weidman is a very lucky guy, and this time he wasn’t lucky. He’s very lucky, but his luck ran out. He had some luck for a while, and now it’s over.”

It sounds like Silva might still be a bit salty about his losses to Weidman, but if it’s any consolation prize, Weidman’s luck ran out at some point during that spinning shit he tried to throw on Rockhold.

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