Alex Jones Loses It, Challenges Alec Baldwin To $1 Million Bareknuckle Fight For Trump


Alex Jones is a popular radio show host, known for his conspiracy theories (That occasionally end up coming true) and his wild, passionate temper. He’s a huge fan of Donald Trump, and has even interviewed him in the past. He’s tired of people like Alec Baldwin making fun of Trump every week on SNL, so he’s deciding to fight back…

By challenging Alec Baldwin to a bareknuckle charity boxing match for one million bucks. Alex kinda lost it when he challenged Alec to the fight.

Alec has had a massive career resurgence lately and has bounced back from those leaked voicemails where he called his little daughter a “thoughless little pig” in a rage, with his role as a cartoonish version of Donald Trump on Saturday Night Live.He also had a big part on 30 Rock, but many people look forward to his weekly appearances on SNL now.

Now, politics aside, if this fight goes down, who ya got?

Update: The reason Alex wants to fight isn’t because they disagree about Donald Trump, althought that could be an amplifying factor, but the root of the beef is that Baldwin has insulted Jones, so Alex wants to throwdown and settle it, while raising a bunch of cash for charity in the process.

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