13 Times Dana White Betrayed His Fighters and Threw Them Under The Bus


9. Nate Marquardt

After Nate’s fight against Okami, who went on to battle Anderson Silva next, Dana had some not-very-nice things to say about Nate, and his corner in particular, who had told their fighter that he was definitely up on points in the fight.

It’s not even close to the harshest comments we’ll find on this list, so let’s turn up the heat for the next one.

He is a choker, he choked tonight.  Marquardt is such a talented guy, and what I’m seeing is stuff from the Greg Jackson camp.  This camp continuously – when these guys fight, their corner is either telling them they’re ahead or they’re winning.

I mean, Nate Marquardt sat here tonight and said that he thought he won the fight. Where the [expletive] is his corner? You go into the last round and you’re getting outstruck by a wrestler, and you think you won the fight? And this is consistent with the Greg Jackson camp. – Dana White

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